Zoe’s Bat Mitzvah


For My Bat Mitzvah Project I have Decided to do recycling, but instead of sending all of the recycled goods into a recycling plant like a normal recycling project, I am making use of them by creating art and functional everyday items out of the recycled goods that I receive.  You could even call my project “upcycling” which is taking things and making new things without remolding and making a completely new thing. 

My Bat Mitzvah Project

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First let me explain that a bat mitzvah is only partly about learning hebrew and studying about Judaism.  Every child who has a bar/bat mitzvah must choose a way to give back to the world.  When I was asked what I wanted to do for my “mitzvah” project, I responded by explaining how interested I am in reusing wasted materials to produce other things.  I tend to look at things and think about what else I could make out if them or in what other way they might be usable.  I often look at websites that show products that are made of recycled materials or that show you how to create your own projects.  We are all familiar with recycling plastic and aluminum by putting those items into blue bags for the recycling trucks to pick up.  But do you know about the stuff that is made from that waste?  Recycled plastic is used for fabrics to make clothing, kitchenwares, and even blocks used for building houses.  Recycled glass is melted down and “repurposed” to make glassware, kitchen and bathroom tiles, beads, and many other useful things.  Recycled aluminum is used in everything from soda cans to make-up.  
     Keeping these items out of landfills helps the environment by reducing methane gas, unsightly messes, and productive use of land.   for my project, I am interested more in what is called “upcycling.”

Please Bring One Small recyclable item to my party

Upcycling is the process of converting waste materials or useless products into new materials or products of better quality or a higher environmental value.

I will be called to the bima on Saturday September, 1st @ 10am at the Yeshiva Girls’ School 6401 Forbes Avenue