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The much anticipated auction of the Knob Hill baskets is at hand.  

As you know, Prodigy Disc is our Knob Hill Course Sponsor for Pro Worlds and has donated 19 DG-T1 targets to PFDS to be permanently installed at the Knob Hill Disc Golf Course.

We thank Prodigy, and want to leverage their sponsorship via donations for the original Mach 3 baskets that have served the club so well for over 20 years.  This website was built to facilitate a donation auction that will find good homes for the Mach 3 targets.

The auction will end at 6 pm on Friday, June 12.

Here are the details:

Minimum bid on each basket is $200 unless otherwise stated (minor "dents/scratches" on Practice basket $180 , #1 $190, #8 $190 and #15 $190).  All baskets must be picked up by the winning bidder and do not come with an anchor.  Winning bids can discount their donation by $10 if a current Annual PFDS member, or $25 if a PFDS Lifetime member.  Bids must be made in increments of at least $5.   

Bids are made in the comment section of the website and must contain full legal name of the bidder (no nicknames, handles or avatars).  Bidders will have to create a free account through Disqus in order to comment/bid.  Payment for winning bid must be in cash or via Paypal by the time of pick up.

The original course designers and current PFDS board members may reserve a basket in advance of the auction at the minimum bid price, however, no membership discounts will apply.  We wanted those responsible for the original course hardware and those who are leading the club to have the first chance at donating to our worlds effort through the auction.